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A Beginner's Guide to Calligraphy
Workshop Length (60 Minutes)
Saturday Only (2:30 PM)

Sponsored by: BEE Creative
Instructor: Karen Bremer
Difficulty Rating (Basic)

Type of Workshop:


A lovely hand-addressed card or envelope is a lost art! Add a personal touch to holiday cards, wedding invitations, or any correspondence with traditional Calligraphy. This technique-based class will introduce you to Old English-style Calligraphy. This is not italic, but rather the more traditional style (think newspaper mastheads). The lowercase alphabet will be practiced, with like letters shown together so you can begin to master the basic skills needed to form letters. You will receive a double-ended felt-tipped Calligraphy marker to keep (great for left or right-handers) and practice papers with guides. This class is fast-paced but fun, with prizes given at the end of class.

  • What products will be highlighted: Calligraphy, journaling pens, and markers.
  • What will I learn or complete: A knowledge of lowercase calligraphy to practice and perfect.
  • What do I need to bring to class: Nothing.
  • What do I need to finish at home: Nothing.
  • What techniques will I learn or use: You will learn how to properly hold the pen, how to make strokes, and the basics for lowercase lettering.
  • Will I complete this project in class: Yes it is very likely you will finish the projects in class.