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Art Mixed Media Canvas
Workshop Length (60 Minutes)
Friday Only (2:30 PM)

Sponsored by: Art Anthology
Instructor: Stayce DeWid
Difficulty Rating (Basic)

Type of Workshop:

Home Decor  Mixed Media  

Come join Art Anthology to create this fun mixed media canvas. Play with several of Art Anthology,s mixed media products and learn some new techniques! You will walk away with an amazing home d├ęcor canvas in the colors of your choosing.

  • What products will be highlighted: Art Anthology mixed media products.
  • What will I learn or complete: A 4 x 12" canvas.
  • What do I need to bring to class: Liquid Adhesive such at 3-in-1 or FabriTac by Beacon and a heat tool (preferred). Optional: Gloves and an apron.
  • What do I need to finish at home: None.
  • What techniques will I learn or use: You will learn how to work with Art Anthology mixed media products.
  • Will I complete this project in class: Yes it is very likely you will finish the projects in class.