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Friday - Crop Ticket w/Product Voucher - $20 Value
  • Friday - Crop Ticket - ($39.00)
  • Product Voucher - $20 Value
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Friday Disney Villains  |  Individual Ticket
Event Hours (8:00am - 11:00pm)
Includes $20 Kit Voucher


Mwah-ha-ha-haaa Its time to get wicked! Unleash your best Disney Villain for this event. We have conjured up the most villainous Crop Party for you! Do you call yourself the Mistress of Evil? Or Perhaps a Sea Witch? Gather up your jar of souls and park yourself at this Crop Party. Come as you are or better yet come as a queen with a magic mirror, a captain with a hook, or a fur coat wearing Dalmatian thief! Best dressed will get the ultimate prize... We want you to fall utterly underneath our evil party spell... so come prepared to decorate your table fit for the most villainous soirée. Poison apples will be given out as prizes... wait no magic mirrors will be better, no, no... what about enchanted buttons. Yes, enchanted buttons will be given out to the ones that cast spells over their tables. We hope you will be our guest.


** Admission to the Exhibit Floor is sold separately.