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Friday - Crop Ticket w/Product Voucher - $20 Value
  • Friday - Crop Ticket - ($35.00)
  • $5.00 KIS Coupon
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Friday Prom Night  |  Individual Ticket
Event Hours (8:00am - 11:00pm)
Includes $20 Kit Voucher


It’s time to relive that magical prom night from high school. Remember how excited you were just waiting for that special person to ask you to this memorable event in your high school career. Maybe you were the one who asked that special someone. A prom picture is worth a thousand words so print out those pictures and bring them with you to share with our other prom night guests. Wear your prom attire or make a new prom outfit to wear to this formal event! We promise not to tell a soul as you share your prom night experience for some prizes! Pick a prom theme and decorate your table with all the glam and glitter you remember from your own prom. Be sure to ask your best friends to the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Prom night of fun and prizes!


** Admission to the Exhibit Floor is sold separately.