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Friday Harry Potter  |  Individual Ticket
Event Length (8:00am - 11:00pm)


Start waving your magic wand as we go on an adventure Harry Potter style. We have just the seat for you and your friends at the Hufflepuff House so you can craft the night away. You can also stop by Dave’s house, Ravenclaw, as he prepare for some great Korny jokes and stories. By the end of the night we will all end up at Gryffindor House with all of your finished projects. Muggles and Mudbloods are all encouraged dress accordingly to attend Hogwarts to receive your Harry Potter themed “I Dressed” buttons. Decorate your table space with a wave of your wand to receive an “I Decorated” button. The winner of these two contests will receive a Stamp & Scrapbook Gift Card. I am casting my Wingardium Leviosa on all of you so you can levitate to this great evening of Harry Potter fun.


** Admission to the Exhibit Floor is sold separately.