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How to Make Traveler's Notebooks Work for You
Workshop Length (60 Minutes)
Friday & Saturday (11:30 AM)

Sponsored by: Oh, Hello Co.
Instructor: Kayla Benda
Difficulty Rating (Basic)

Type of Workshop:

Mixed Media    Planners   

Come join Kayla Benda from Oh, Hello Co. as she walks you step by step through the process of determining what you need (and don,t need) in your traveler,s notebooks. She will also cover how to coordinate your traveler,s notebooks with other planners. You will leave the workshop with a fully-assembled traveler,s notebook. Please note: The traveler,s notebooks received in class may vary from the photo(s) shown.

  • What products will be highlighted: Traveler's notebooks.
  • What will I learn or complete: A completed traveler's notebook with inserts and added decoration.
  • What do I need to bring to class: Markers or other colored writing instruments to personalize your notebooks.
  • What do I need to finish at home: None.
  • What techniques will I learn or use: You will learn how to assemble a traveler's notebook in a way that works best for you.
  • Will I complete this project in class: Yes it is very likely you will finish the projects in class.