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Magical Finds 2019
Workshop Length (60 Minutes)
Friday Only (11:30 AM)

Sponsored by: Krazy Kreations & Scrap That!
Difficulty Rating (Basic)

Type of Workshop:

Card Making  Layout  Mixed Media  

Krazy Kreations and Scrap That! are ready to WOW you! Come learn about the latest Mouse lines carried in both of our booths and receive a fabulous swag bag (a $75 value!) filled with these hot products. We will discuss each of these new and exciting items as well as work on a magical make-n-take project illustrating the many uses of the swag you receive. Upon completion of class, we will present you with a gift certificate to visit both of our booths. There is absolutely nothing required for class, so come by to pick up your goody bag, have fun with the make-n-take, and then shop for more. This brand-new class is sure to be a hit with the EXPO crowd and you will not want to miss out!

  • What products will be highlighted: The new magical Mouse items in the Krazy Kreations and Scrap That! booths.
  • What will I learn or complete: One magical make-n-take project using items from the swag bag you receive in class.
  • What do I need to bring to class: None.
  • What do I need to finish at home: None.
  • What techniques will I learn or use: You will learn about the new Mouse lines in our booths, as well as how to put together a magical make-n-take project.
  • Will I complete this project in class: Yes it is very likely you will finish the projects in class.