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Newest & Coolest: Create with Craft Fantastic!
Workshop Length (60 Minutes)
Friday Only (6:30 PM)

Sponsored by: Craft Fantastic
Instructor: Tina Morgan
Difficulty Rating (Basic)

Type of Workshop:

Card Making    Jewelry    Mixed Media   

If you love Craft Fantastic, you will love this workshop! Relax and create after a fun-filled day of making and shopping at the Expo. Play with over $60 worth of the latest and greatest products that Craft Fantastic offers. Use creative tips and tricks combined with Jeweler,s Glass, Fantastic Art Images and Fantastic Glaze & Glue to make amazing, heirloom-quality jewelry and embellishments.

  • What products will be highlighted: All Craft Fantastic products.
  • What will I learn or complete: 12+ projects.
  • What do I need to bring to class: Scissors and a tape runner.
  • What do I need to finish at home: None.
  • What techniques will I learn or use: You will learn how to create glass cabochons and embellishments with Jeweler's Glass and Fantastic Glaze & Glue.
  • Will I complete this project in class: Yes it is very likely you will finish the projects in class.