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Saturday - Crop Ticket w/Product Voucher - $20 Value
  • Saturday - Crop Ticket - ($35.00)
  • $5.00 KIS Coupon
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Saturday Superheroes  |  Individual Ticket
Event Hours (8:00am - 11:00pm)
Includes $20 Kit Voucher


Look up in the sky!  It’s a bird,  it’s a plane,  no it’s the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo Super Hero & Comic Book Character Crop Event!  OK all of you Super Heroes, Grab your capes, super powers and of course all of your stamping and scrapbook supplies so you can amaze all of your friends and family with your creativity.  You can be as incredible as the Hulk, or as sly as Catwoman, or how about as loveable as “Olive Oyl” and “Garfield.”  Put on the costume that best suits your inner super power or favorite comic book character!  Can you guess just from a name and a short story if someone is a true super hero, comic book character or an imposter?  You may have your chance, as the crop crew will try and trick you into thinking just that!  Bring in some Super Hero/Comic Book memorabilia to share with the other caped crusaders in the room for a chance to win more prizes!  Will your table be covered with Spider-Man's webs or will it look like a page right out of Swap Thing??  From Aquaman to Zorro, come and see who saves the day!


** Admission to the Exhibit Floor is sold separately.